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Choice of 2 Proteins and 2 Sides


Slow Smoked St. Louis Pork Spare Ribs- whole racks of pork ribs dry rubbed and slow smoked over cherry wood then treated with love, spices and sugars til tender. Finished with a glaze that sets perfectly and sliced and served. 

Slow Smoked Beef Brisket-   Whole Briskets trimmed and dry rubbed. They are then smoked over apple and pecan and then treated with love, marinades and spices til tender.  Chopped and sauced and served to enjoy

Slow Smoked Pork Butt - Whole pork shoulder dry rubbed and slow smoked over apple and pecan wood.  Treated with love, sugars and spices til tender then lovingly glazed and pulled.  Served with slaw, vinegar sauce and buns for Pulled Pork Sliders or just enjoy as is. 

Fresh Butcher Chicken Quarters- Fresh quarters trimmed down to clean thighs and drumsticks.  These are rubbed and smoked/roasted til rendered and then finished with a glaze and set.  Not just your average bbq chicken here


Potato Salad     Pasta Salad     Macaroni Salad     Coleslaw     BBQ Beans     Green Beans     Green Salad     Cornbread


30 to 75 people              $25.99 PER PERSON PLUS TAX
76 to 150 people            $21.99 PER PERSON PLUS TAX
150 +                                  talk to us, don't be shy.....

Extra items available at additional charge

Burnt Ends  -   Roasted Corn   -  Hamburgers  -  Hot Dogs  -   Sausages  -   Roasted Vegetables or Potatoes  -    Authentic Polish Kilbasi

BBQ Specialty Items

Moinks- bacon wrapped meatballs, rubbed, smoked, and glazed

ABT's- bacon wrapped cream cheese filled jalapeno peppers, smoked to perfection


Cheese and crackers  -  Vegetables  -  Fruits


​Prices are drop off ONLY. There is a Fee of  $300.00 for cooking on site.

All parties must be booked 2 weeks in advance.